HEADRIX Frames: Sustainability thanks to technology

Sustainability is very important for Headrix! Our production causes no waste. We want to leave our children a clean world.

That is why it is our main focus to make sure that renewable or reusable resources are used in the production of our glasses.

HEADRIX as a company stands for sustainability with the following points:



  • Additive manufacturing: Industrial 3D printing means no waste
  • Made in Germany
  • Our processes allow mass and one-off production
  • Our self-developed automation software makes the production of individual glasses marginally more expensive
  • Long-term cooperations with our partners ensure efficiency and a good way of using ressources due to consistent processes



  • PLANTRIX is a polyamide based on renewable biological raw material.



  • Made in Germany: We have short transport routes and therefore lower CO2 emissions
  • Complaint handling via photo without unnecessary shipping
  • Lost-and-found: we try to bring every pair of glasses back to their owner and have therefore developed a system in which one can report found glasses



  • All components can be reproduced in terms of geometry and surface quality at any time
  • A spare parts supply is possible at any time, as well
  • A color change to darker shades of the range frames


Ability to deliver

  • Our supply capacities has almost no restrictions. We can currently produce up to 5000 glasses a day (30 construction jobs in 2 shifts on 6 machines). A higher number would also be possible


Product and accessories

  • Our modern design and beautiful shapes ensure a pleasant, simple shopping experience and a high turnover of goods (avoiding overstock)
  • Our partnership agreement rounds off the cooperation (avoiding stock risks)
  • Spare parts: Individual parts of the glasses frame can be replaced quickly and easily, so the frame do not have to be completely disposed. No stock for spare parts is required
  • All our frames can be adjusted anatomically (e.g. inclination angle or temple ends)
  • Packaging: We use our boxes several times in the sake of environment
  • The cleaning cloths are made from recycled PET bottles


In-store sales process

  • 90% of Headrix frames are ordered from the ready-to-wear collection
  • The frame sizing is possible with the professional eye, our analog measuring instrument or via our app



  • Most processes in our Berlin office are digitally recorded and tracked
  • Mobile app
  • We can be reached quickly and easily at any time via WhatsApp


Our main research areas are

  • Parametric design
  • Matching algorithm between faces and glasses






made for you


in Germany